Beyonce you BITCH!!!!

Why do you have to be so beautiful, so perfect, but most importantly, so fit?! Huh, SLUT?!

And now you've got me drinking lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup for breakfast lunch and dinner? And for my snacks in between.... ahhhh the lemonade diet! How I avoided you! For three years... since the announcement of the Dreamgirls superflick, and the fact that Beyonce used this "diet" (it's really a cleanse, weight-loss is a benefit) to lose a large amount of weight in a stupid-ridiculous amount of time. I've been avoiding you... and today.... 4 years later.... here I am... a true believer in making a diet out of the lemons that my life have given me. :)

Seriously though, initially I thought that this diet was stupid, restriction-type, pro-ana kind of a thing. However, the other day upon looking for cleanses for my boyfriend who's bowel movements smell like shit, I came across the Master Cleanse. The Master Cleanse has a lot of supporters and also a lot of testimonials of success stories. I mean on youtube alone there are like hundred or thousands of videos of people who shrank right before my eyes, who have done this diet.

Which brings me to DAY TWO of my Master Cleanse: Yep. I hiked up my shorts and jumped on the bandwagon. How could I not? I have been trying to lose 40 pounds for a year with no success, just consistent fluctuations (I love oxymorons) in my weight. Lose 10, get excited, gain 10. I mean, the yo-yo dieting has started to cause serious stretch marks. So here is this miracle diet I have been looking for. So I did my research for a couple of hours, went to the supermarket, got the ingredients, and 3 days later started my cleanse.

Day 1 (which I did twice because my first day 1 ended in Chinese food ha-ha) was pretty easy honestly. But I'm really feeling it now. It's only 10:45 AM of day 2, and I feel really weird. I mean I can't honestly say that I'm hungry, because taking a shot of the drink does quiet the pangs, but I do feel a little.. weird...for lack of better words. My head doesn't quite hurt, but it feels a little... weird. lol

I don't know. So far, not so bad. It's not so hard, besides having to wake up 25 mins earlier to actually make the drink. And besides the fact that it's a real mental thing knowing you're not actually eating... but I think I can survive this.

I think I'll blog more about this throughout the whole cleanse. Just to get me through it. I wanna weigh myself so bad, but I'm trying to force myself to wait till the end of the 5th day, morning of 6th. The only other thing that really sucks about this diet/cleanse. Is the money I spend on the ingredients. Organic lemons and pure maple syrup do not come cheap!!! Seriously... I bought a little tiny maple syrup jug for 11 bucks. Oh yea that reminds me, (FUCK YOU WHOLE FOODS!). I'm already almost out of organic lemons and maple syrup. Geesh. Which means I gotta go to WFM tonight. sad face. Anyway I'll keep my progress updated. Though for who... I am not exactly sure..... till then.



New to LJ

What's really, really good LJ?

Honestly, so far, I have no idea how this thing works, or who will see it or if anyone will see it at all, but here goes :). So I've been a huge fan of ONTD for about 2 months now, and decided hey I wanna post, too! Just to find out that it's heavily moderated, and you can't post if you're a noob, or look like a noob, smell like a noob, whatever. Basically, to them right now I'm a leper. But I'll change that eventually. Hopefully *fingers crossed* lol.

Besides, just really liking the forum, I also want to do some selp promotion (if that's okay[i really really hope it's okay!]) I've recently decided to start my own fashion blog, and being that no one really knows about me, I guess I could sort of use LJ community as free advertising. As a strugglin', starvin' student as myself needs! So yea, here I am new member and all. And lookin' for friends like the first day of school. Networking and stuff is good too so if you live in NY and you're looking for someone to link up wih to do this net fashion blogging thing, hit me up. Let start an empire.

Little about myself real quick, 22, skinny-obsessed, celeb and all things pop culture obsessed, hair-makeup-clothes-shoes-accessories obessed (and broke, so it doesn't really work out that well me shopping all the time and all, and just wanting to do nothing but stay dressed... maintain my fly so to speak!) haha.... some more stuff.... I'm into all things musical, artistic, natural, moneymaking, fun, funny, friendly, sweet, foodie!, drunky and all sorts of shit.

Until next time peeps! One
Fly Maintenance